Vision and Values

We aim:

To prepare our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life by encouraging them to be:

  • Brave – determined to tackle new experiences and challenging learning
  • Resilient – to keep on going in the face of adversity
  • Ready – possessing a good attitude, prepared and organised
  • Responsible – to their selves and others
  • Happy – in life and learning


We achieve this by:

Teaching our children to be respectful, tolerant and appreciative of their own culture and that of others.

Our three golden rules are:

  • To show good manners at all times (Be Polite)
  • To care for, and respect, everyone and everything (Be Caring)
  • To follow instructions with thought and care (Do what you are asked first time)

Ofsted 2013

Pupils feel safe in school.  Their behaviour is good around the school and in lessons, where they demonstrate positive attitudes towards their learning.  This is a school where everyone is valued and treated as an individual."