Our Curriculum

We strive to provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum that engages interest and provokes enthusiasm. In classrooms that are stimulating environments children’s individual learning styles are acknowledged with differentiated approaches ensuring individual children achieve and progress from their various starting points. A creative approach to learning is key and we teach subjects through a themed and integrated approach using the ‘Inspire’ curriculum as a starting point.

At our school we believe that children should be enthused by their learning and enjoy coming to school.  Each day should be an adventure and learning takes place both indoors and outdoors, making the most of the wonderful setting our school is in. Our children are encouraged to develop independence, solve problems, persevere and be resilient. 

We strongly believe our curriculum to be a strength of our school and teachers plan interesting contexts for the children to engage with. In 2013 OFSTED noted that,

‘The mixture of subjects in the school’s curriculum is stimulating and varied. Topics are developed in partnership with the pupils and reflect their needs and aspirations. Visits and residential visits, such as the Year 5/6 visit to London, help pupils to develop their independence  and experience other cultures. Spanish teaching is well embedded throughout the school. The teaching of Spanish helps pupils develop their social, moral, cultural and spiritual skills.’

The basic skills of reading and writing are emphasised across the curriculum and links are made to Topics when appropriate e.g Persuasive letter writing taught when children are seeking funds to participate in the Green Power car race.

In September 2014 the school embraced the new Statutory 2014 Primary Curriculum by adopting the ‘Inspire Curriculum’. This is used as a starting point, ensuring coverage and progression in all the Foundation subjects. Teachers are adapting this curriculum to meet the needs of their children and their particular interests. Topics usually take place over a four week block or half term and the subjects are shaped into an integrated thematic curriculum which links to the wider world of work, life-skills and learning outside of the classroom. More information can be found by clicking this link.  Inspire

As Portreath School is a smaller than average Primary school classes are mixed age, including

Class 1, with a mix of YR and Y1 children. The Early Years Statutory Framework is used to support an integrated approach to learning and care. The planning of learning follows the children’s interests and learning needs. Teachers work hard to challenge pupils with tasks that are equally demanding for pupils of similar ability across classes. Close tracking of individual children’s progress, through the use of the Early Years Foundation Profile,  is carefully monitored to ensure all children make progress.

Please use the links below to access each classes Topic Planning for 2015-16